• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 04
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The Protestor

They had asked me to
Come here. But
I am a mother of two kids,
I like buying tomatoes instead.

Will you throw a tomato or two? I was asked.
Why only tomatoes? I replied,
Why not potatoes and onions? They are cheaper,
Buy your own.

While returning, I avoided the crowds
Swelling like a sack of potatoes.
If my children starve,
Who will come for me?

I did take a glimpse though,
Through holes in the broken wall.
It was fun as a football match,
When your team is losing, but there
Is still time to win.

Someone was making up
Old stories with a broken mike.
I sniggered – tomorrow’s leader, yesterday’s

When I reached home, my husband asked me –
Why are you so late?
I was at the protest, I said.