• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 07

The Proposal

That’s when he last saw her, disappearing into the shadowy, navy swell. He reached for her, grasping at her fine pink cashmere scarf as the gust whipped it from her delicate neck. The wind, wild and furious stole her name from his lips as he screamed for her over and over again. The rousing froth rose like an enormous sea snake enveloping her, swallowing her whole as the fine wrap was whipped from her neck and flung back in his face like a token gesture.

It smelt of her, silken summer blossoms of frangipani and wild honey. Wrapped in her scarf, he closes his eyes and she beckons him to her beneath the waves, deep within the ocean belly. There he captures the sea snake, its thick neck curling and writhing, dragging its snarling features away from her. Far, far away, they fight till dawn. Till all that remains is the calm of the morning sea, the gulls on the breeze and the scent of her pale pink scarf.