• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 05

the price

I buy them on sale, these pieces of life
these perpendicular pebbles with the heads of a river

you and me
we walk towards the moon in our space suits - through water,
touching the shore as if on a first date,
electric eels with the feet of beetles and their awkward belly-up legs that carry

scenes from Titus Andronicus

beeswax, grease and gremlins

uncovering our bones, we crack against the force
Wall Street hustlers, Future Traders, Investment pimps,

as if there were a comparison between a turtle and a hair brush,
a button and a bottle of gin?

seaweed clings to the back of our throats with leathery laughter and operatic bargain basement tunes

we slip on our astronaut helmets
and the price is extremely high - some days