• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 06

The Press

Exponential growth
a phrase we all have become familiar with,
as applied to the work of a single employee
This person has,
at present, at least eight bosses
Each of those bosses also have,
at present, at least eight bosses
Imagine this pattern continuing
ad infinitum

Even these two levels wreak havoc
There are sixty-four bosses
Each with their own prerogative
Sixty-four sets of instructions stream down
Apportioned eight to each sub-boss.
The sub-bosses have families
kids in private school
in ground pools and HOA fees
They are bred to be yes-men
(they are over 80% men)
and so pass the orders downstream

The single employee
residing at the bottom of the chain
receives sixty-four different instructions
many contradict each other, some are senseless
a few manage to contradict themselves
But this employee isn’t paid enough to attempt
to untangle such a mass of directions
Besides, it is Friday, let’s just paint this mother.