• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 04

The Possibilities are Endless

You brush against me and I think nothing of it
In full flow, we are, debating the rights and wrongs
Of what, I can't remember now. But some dark night, a long time ago
Heady with freedom and sisterhood
The cobbled streets echoing with other voices, jubilant with youth
We linked up for a journey home
And I was in delight by how clever you were, how clever that made me
How light and laughter gleamed within your narrowed eyes
And that dark, curly quiff that wobbled as you talked
Lit my cigarette. That baggy man's coat against the late Autumn chill
That car you drove, when that was novel too
But when you rested your hand on my thigh, I froze
The airplane door opened, mid flight.
And suddenly the air was gone, and turbulence tossed me all about
Wrenched me from my seat, in fright
Full credit, you didn't force it
Leant across to open the car door and said goodbye
And I was underneath that night sky alone
Hurtling, spinning into space
Not sure, any more, of which way up I was
Only that the universe was so much bigger than I'd thought
My tiny corner dark
Yet unfurling, all the time, stretching onwards, outwards, no end in sight