• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 06

The Play

Here are the silenced paths
And human-less existences;
Here are the walls stained with the pangs of
Millions of creatures
Painting the houses red and green;
The water is cleansed, 
You can see the fish swimming joyfully there;
Look at the birds, 
Chirping ceaselessly in joy of unobstructed flying;
Feel the cool breeze, 
The rising sun
The moonlit sky with millions of stars filling our eyes; 
Yes, it’s all real and NOW,
No human knew that the world can survive in itself, 
The nature can rejoice in itself, 
Forsooth, we are just futile beings
In this infinite play of existence;
It’s a game of fear and survival
Created from our perpetual greed; 
See this now, 
Human – 
You are not needed,
The nature has heeded,
It’s infinite play on these silenced paths.