• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 05


The picture is lovely, the song too, as homage to the hummingbird. Birds are beautiful in life – the colors as they reclaim their homes after winter. Not just hummingbirds, but black birds, robins and sparrows.

The picture is lovely, but it does not resonate as life does in bright sunlight. The reflections on the water of Canadian geese paddling in large large families, their colors real and not imagined.

The picture is lovely, but it does not say, "Take me home to a special place." That special place outside in fresh air, gardens and parks, the true habitat of flying eagles and cranes.

The picture is lovely. Yes! And its purpose comes to light. Its essence has served to create the desire for more beyond the still life. The picture has drawn the viewer to long for more, wish for more, and to envision more of creation.