• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 09
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The Photograph

My body knows this one already.
It and I have done this all before.
When the city throws down shadows
in the evening when the upright parts
Of you –

             your spine,
             your line
             of sight
             your inch
             of time

             – straighten mine.
My body answers
back. Not my knees
bending not my heart
beating not my teeth
cracking but the distance
from here to the door might undo me.


The Photograph

For as long as you love
I will love for as long as you
Love I will be building
Spite houses, spite fences
Spite walls. Don't
cross it yet. I will swim
Around those things too long
Too much too wrong for
this. I need
Just moments and small love.

The loneliness of being
Without you makes it all
enough to bear.