• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 01

The Peacemakers

The world couldn’t stop fighting, so we, the peacemakers, decided to leave it. “Say cheese,” the conductor said as we floated into the sky, watching as the swirling ocean became a crystal pool of blue and the parks filled with arguers merely became patches of pleasing green. The mountains looked flat (a metaphor, if I’ve ever seen one) and the dessert appeared smooth, like if I ran my fingers over the top I’d be met with glass the color of sand.
We could still hear them, of course.
“Why on earth didn’t you put sunscreen on?”
“Well, who are you to tell me if my skin should be pale or a boiling red? It’s my choice, isn’t it?”
At this, the peacemakers nodded from the sky. He had a point.
“I picked the apple from the tree, so I should be the one to eat it.”
“But I can’t reach any apples. How am I supposed to eat?”
At this, we puzzled and flew higher.
“Yes, I used to despise her, but now, I am in love with her.”
“But she’s a mean girl! And she once stole your skirt, and said it was her own! Don’t you care?”
We chuckled at this. It was strange to care who another loved. Perhaps, we wondered, she loved her too (yet was too afraid to admit it).
“Excuse me, my stuff is here.”
“But I’d like to sit here because I’ve got terrible back pain, and don’t you see this is the only seat with a cushion? Can’t you find somewhere else to sit?”
Our brows furrowed. We flew higher.


The Peacemakers

Once the sun had settled and the night began to darken, we looked to the conductor. The voices below had quieted and gone to sleep, yet the memory of their anger was still fresh in our minds. We were peacemakers; we weren’t attuned to running away. Yet, that was what we had done, floating into the sky until we could act like the troubles below didn’t belong to us up above.
“Oh, conductor, we can’t keep floating away? The sky must end at some point.” The rest of the floaters beeped their horns and rang their bells and snapped their fingers in agreement. What were we to do?
The conductor cleared his throat, for the air was getting thin. “Well, the sky doesn’t end and nor do these problems.”
His response was met with silence. He continued.
“Yet we must descend once again as peacemakers...the ones dedicated to bringing smiles to those with endless frowns, the ones who choose to listen instead of speak, the ones who choose to lift those who feel like they’re falling, and hold those who knock others down. We have quite the challenge ahead of us, yes. But it’s not anything we’ve never seen before. After all, remember the time the world blew up in metaphorical flames after too many people were disguising cauliflower as pizza? The absurdity!”
At this, we laughed and began our descent.