• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 07

The Paint Purge

I was vexed. The tip of my tongue burned with the sensation of pins and needles. I didn't know what to do. Back and forth past the window, where do you release so much anger? Suddenly, everything around me just seemed wrong; the way my bed jutted out into the centre of the room, the cluster of DVDs in one corner and the bare space on the left side of the room. It all needed to be rearranged, the colours were too dark and the carpet just...aghhhhh!

I ran my hands over my hair, not knowing what to do, breathing heavily, willing the anger to escape through my nostrils and into the air. Lost, gone. But no, I was just staring. All of this anger making it seem as though my whole life was disorganised and it was then that I decided to pick up the bundle of art supplies that hadn't been used in almost a year.

I took the brushes and the paints and started filling the walls with doodles. All the smiley faces, love hearts and flowers, reminiscent of the hoard of old school books in the attic, popping off of the walls. Lyrics, quotes and ramblings.

My final act of release was pouring the Marine Blue paint left over from the bathroom revamp over my antique chair and watching as it dripped onto that god-awful carpet. It was all quite cathartic and purging.