• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 02
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The Outing

What does it mean, Miss?
What do you think it means, Neville?
Is it five soldiers paddling in the sea?
Perhaps it is, Neville. Yes, Bryony, what do you think?
Miss, the clouds where the soldiers are paddling are held up by string. Is God holding the strings, like puppets?
Maybe he is, Bryony, although he may be too busy to hold up four clouds.
Yes, Brian?
Now that God’s made everything, he hasn’t got anything to do so perhaps he wouldn’t mind holding the strings.
Mmm, maybe. Yes, Mary?
There are lots and lots and lots of clouds in the sky. I don’t think he could do it all by himself.
Yes, Derek?
What about all the dead people who go to heaven? They could help hold the strings.
Yes, Andrea?
Derek’s being silly, Miss. When people are dead, they can’t do anything.
Miss, my dad says there isn’t a god.
Well, Malcolm, I think you had better ask him who is holding up all the clouds.