• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 12

The Other Side of Us

An old white dude said
that when we imagine the future
we, humans I mean, invariably
underestimate our progress

I think about this a lot when
imagining aliens, that will come
to earth and set us free by enslaving us
or by providing humanity a common
enemy so that we can all band together
against the common threat

But the aliens we dream of are
always just stand ins, right,
for the other that we already
have around and have spent
the last several centuries
working against

And then I really wonder
If hostile aliens did visit
would we be interested in
banding together to create
a unified front


The Other Side of Us

Or would we try to manipulate
the visiting aliens to continue
our centuries old genocide
against our own kind

I know what I hope for,
and that it’s the aliens
take care of my jerk neighbor
and his stupid barking dog
Yeah, I mean you, John,
You’ve got it coming.