• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 12

The Other Side of Me

The light side of me
        is flamboyantly childish,
        words fall over themselves,
        skittle and ping,
        as I scrub down and clean house

but the dark side of me
        hides in desolate rooms,
        squashes words into the mattress,
        howls to the moon,
        leaves the dishes to mould

the light side of me
        seeks out the sun
        flings wide the drapes,
        breathes and feeds
        on daylight soaked hours

but the dark side
        craves the night but cannot sleep,
        starves the flesh,
        those chilling bones
        that walk the floors

the light side of me
        is the life and heart
        of every second lived;
        songs bursting through skin,
        the sea in my ears.


The Other Side of Me

but the other side
        is blackened strings
        of heart-breaking stories
        threading my veins
        with cuts and blood
        and section breaks.