• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 03

The Nimrodian Anomaly

It was the best of the ideas, it was worst of the ideas, that sometimes occurs to the best of us. Schrödinger’s idea that is both heroic and ridiculous. To compromise one’s identity and to do for the first time since the fall of man, that is to speak to the cursed, is worse for an Angel who cannot but endure. This is what I am doing, in an art museum. One shall fall and one shall sin. When an Angel is condemned to be amongst the humans, it takes many hundred years in heaven for everyone to forget her and stop saying what they always say – fallen Angels tempt to sin. But, I am not without my morals. Seashores where heaven and earth meet, I never go, for I shan’t see children playing. I shan’t have to blemish innocence.

I was with God the day Babylon was created. Everyone was loud and nobody was able to make out a word anyone said, they were punished and made to speak different languages. I had forgotten about that day until today when I saw the painting of Nimrod, the mightiest in earth, who wanted to avenge God. Everyone in heaven and earth has forgotten him. Everyone in earth, I cannot say.

Something very perplexing happened at the museum today. A group of young people, perhaps students, staring at a painting, perhaps studying, exclaimed, not without a dint of mockery, and I quote, “what a Nimrod!” It is not unusual for me to hear slighting remarks about the paintings. Even so, why someone who looks at, what I think is a young knight tumbling down his horse as he was dining on top of it whereas the table-spread and his own armour and cape are all colour-coded alike, would be reminded of the mighty Nimrod is strange. Based on his predicament, the person who attacked him, by all chances, is his own father-in-law. I have been looking at it for two hours.