• Vol. 02
  • Chapter 12
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The New Life

The bright sunlight streamed through the window in an attic room somewhere. It was wasted on this derelict scene of neglect and decay.
A shabby old chair basked in the warm rays and reflected on days gone by.
Never to be a comfort to anyone again. It was sad, it was ashamed of it's appearance and glad it could hide up here in the attic.
It felt comfort from it's memories . Happy days in the boossom of a family. Children playing and jumping on him. A tired mother sinking down into his well sprung upholstery and resting against his plush material.
Where were they all now?
A mouse popped it's head out from behind a pile of rubble nearby. Scurried over to the chair, ran up it's leg and snuggled down into what was left of its upholstery. Soon there would be babies.
The chair felt somehow comforted. It was needed again.
The sun's rays had brought new life.