• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 07

The Music in Silence

Shipworms as marine bivalve molluscs live on that feed on the underwater wood. Once upon a time, they destroyed the wooden frets of guitars loaded on a cargo ship during the long voyage. The landed useless instruments would be decided to play the music in silence forever in containers at the harbor.

An otter was born in the well at the world's end and lives in underground man-made tunnel excavated by the tunnelling shield. The culverts in darkness, day and night, are surprisingly warm, silent. As she entrusts herself to the flow of groundwater, she can see a faint light in the distance. It is a port where water joins the ocean.

Water swirls in the cove. The otter suddenly listens to the music. The tone of guitars that lost their necks by shipworms. The broken nylon strings flutter in the sea breeze, become a sudden rain. The music in silence will fall on the well at the world's end.