• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 06
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The Most Amazing Thing

“Oh my goodness, I’ve never seen anything as exciting as that”, said Paul.

He held his magnifying glass transfixed to the sight.

“Let me see”, said Andrew, determined that he wouldn’t miss out on this incredible event.

“You can have the magnifying glass, but just for a minute, it’s mine from home”.

Paul didn’t really want anyone else to use the magnifying glass, it had been a present from his grandfather on his last visit, but Andrew was his best friend and he knew he was trustworthy. Also, this was an amazing thing and Paul needed Andrew to be able to confirm his story to the others and to Miss Bott.

“Whoa” exclaimed Andrew. Paul had been right, this was an amazing sight. It was a good job Andrew had seen it so that he could back up Paul’s story. Miss Bott would never have believed it if only one person had actually seen it, but now they’d both viewed it she would have to believe them.

“That’s the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life, ever. Paul, we’re going to definitely win stars for this. No one else will have anything as amazing as this to report from their nature observations.”

The boys were so excited, they usually missed all the best stuff, they were the quiet ones who preferred playing indoors to charging around outside, they probably wouldn’t have even bothered coming outside today if Paul hadn’t brought his precious magnifying glass to school.


The Most Amazing Thing

“We have to make sure we get our story straight so that no one can say that we’ve just made it all up.”

Andrew agreed, they would need to remember every detail of the tiny pixie riding on the back of the biggest ladybird either of them had ever seen. They hadn’t seen a sword or anything, but they were sure that this must be some brave pixie knight on a mission for the Fairy King.

The boys hurried off to tell Miss Bott and their friends what they had seen.

And the bear? They didn’t mention the bear. No one would believe there was a bear in the nursery garden now, would they?