• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 07

The More Imaginable Boss Battles

To be scared of the sea:
living in fear of the imagined,
the depths that could contain untold amounts
of Loch Ness Monsters and Giant Squids
and water dragons and Gyarados
and sharks as big as houses and
those fish with the tiny light in the darkness
but really they're one massive mouth.
Look down at the dark waves from the shore
or the precarious deck of a boat
and you'll imagine your descent into the abyss,
your never being found again.

To be scared of the future:
living in fear of the unimaginable,
for though you can think up
all the demons from the depths of hell
to torment your present, past,
and what ifs, you cannot
picture what could be in that blank void
beyond the murky devils,
the dark shapes that mean certain doom.
You can't defeat the image of a monster
that doesn't exist, not when
you've no idea what you'll need saving from.