• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 01

The Moral

Since The Kiss in the The Balcony Room, Superior has ordered Sarah and I sit away from the herd. Superior adamant to keep the majority of feminine figures pure.

"At least we can enjoy The Last Supper together," says Sarah.

Sarah, as always, looks on the bright side. Our feline companion, Judas, extends his claws when he sniffs Morality. Retracts his sharp nails and purrs when he detects love. Foes slithered and lured Judas with a succulent dish when he guarded The Balcony Room, but we understand Judas—The Temptation can be so great and overwhelming, unbearable.

Peach tones and shadow play dominate existence. My hand shakes on her fragile spine, freshly whipped. Will this be our last tangible experience? The Crucifixion awaits.