• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 11
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The Minor Leagues

Am I going up or going the other way?
I can’t recall, but I was told I was due
a spell in the minor leagues

and who am I to argue with manager/
coach/god, I mean have you seen
the size of the wad of chewing

tobacco he just spat at my head?
So here I am, on deck, next up
for the Utopia Mason Jars (on

Cinco de Mayo the Utopia Trapped
Bananas) and I have been hitting
.197 all season because what

are you gonna do when all you can
manage to connect with when you
swing are the ghosts you carry

to bed with you every night, the ones
who claim they’ll make it better
the way bullies do, silkily, sullenly.

I am so over it now, just strike me
out dammit so I can be farmed away
to the next affiliate, the *checks notes*

Treacle Town Shoulda Coulda Wouldas.
Maybe I’ll stick there for once, and
maybe that’ll be fine, I’ll be fine.