• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 05
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The mind is an astronaut in space

Deep within me there are no boundaries.
No cacophony of walls are ever built here.
No barbed wires separate a smile
From a caress. Or love from fear.
There are no marching bands
Nothing here will beat retreats.
Heavy boots with nailed soles
Aren't ordered to create reverberating treats
That give birth to tsunamis of emotions
Ending with a blitz of applauding commotions.

A part of me is space
Where light happily reflects whatever
Comes floating to me. This isn't a race
As silence is an endless music.
Noiselessly I allow my being to become
A highway for every planet and every star
Every big and small asteroid can come
So does every bit of creation that is junked.
I am far, far away from being a shape
And size isn't a collar around my nape.


The mind is an astronaut in space

But I can hear, and see
And feel the flutter of a butterfly on earth
Life travels through me
Like immortal dabs and stabs of time.
And yet, I am neither a cocoon
Nor in solitude I exist
For me both later and soon
Stay cuddled like celestial twins.
I am both prose and poetry
A well-proportioned asymmetry!