• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 11
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The Midnight Leopard Spots Me

The moon shone and sung and wrung through me, and my swarmed up clouds of memory. I flew above all the old worries and all the new doubts, and watched with eyes wide through and throughout.

I blinked, and lashes long with dew extended outwards, changing hue. I swathed my sights with these, such downy clothing, feeling strong and still there was nothing more in the knowing.

Awash with stars and glittering nothings, I swept through the night like a whispered secret.

Whoosh and away the doubts and angers and frustrations, away the oddities and political ploys, I could fly right up to great heights of joy. The cool night air was crisp and cold, and my leopard nose of midnight clouds wrinkled and roared.

Even in my dream, I realized I was tired. My days and nights left me feeling taut and wired. So my midnight clouded leopard, spotted pretty and pale, drifted back down to bed where it and I slept through the gale.

I awoke refreshed and recalled all I dreamt. Sweet things like the wind at my whiskers and the flicking of my long leopard tail: well it just put a little oomph in my trail.

When I saw my face reflected in the morning mirror, it’s true, I spotted myself grinning from ear to ear.