• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 10

The Menu

The menu offered hope, before he arrived
the man she couldn’t imagine fully
a man her brother’s best friend’s cousin knew, once.

He was running late.

She’d never had ostrich, but knew it was like a very tender beef
her brother’s best friend’s cousin told her, once.
She thought she’d try it someday. Maybe now.

If he was a vegetarian, she’d lose points she couldn’t afford to lose.

She could try a salad, with beets and goat’s cheese, caramelized pecans
Dressed lightly, perhaps with dressing on the side
and a granary roll with salted butter.

Unless he was a vegan.

She’s not sure why she cares.
She didn’t dress up.
She didn’t dress down.

She sits, with the menu, pondering her choice.