• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 07

The Mass Psychosis

Are we really going to spend our days
as if there is not a rough beast lurking in the shadows,
biding his time until he can once again
slouch toward Washington to be reborn
in what will be the blaring blight of his Second Coming?
He threw his own supporters under the bus
in a last ditch effort to cheat his way to victory
yet his followers have not batted an eye
at the icy evilness obviously coursing through his veins.
They’re still too infatuated with the shiny hatred he sells.
Now is the time for the righteous and sane to rise.
Now is the time to cripple the monster as he lies in wait.
Now is the time to reconstruct and reconnect.

We can destroy the beast as he slumbers in a metaphysical womb.