• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 10
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The Man with the Maze in his Face

Ever decreasing circles to the heart of the matter.
Hampton Court Maze has nothing on you.
A smart city slicker type with bricks for brains.

Property bricks – build ‘em high - sell ‘em cheap.
Tower Blocks/High Rise – blot on the city scape.
Sans Safety, Sans Space, Sans Money, Sans Life.

Verboten on green belt except for bespoke tree houses
for privileged children with acres for playgrounds.
Whilst tower block kids play in communal areas.

Or exist in dirty lifts going nowhere fast or stuck
between floors and the alarm isn’t working.
Languishing on litter strewn floors – unheeded tears.

He has a property portfolio don’t you just know.
A man of means – a man going somewhere.
Not the lift kid whose Dad has been in a maze all his life.

A Universal Credit maze, where the answers
are always somewhere else – blocked by the
Dept for Works and Pensions easy access model.

But City-slicker bricks for brains rides the maze.
with millions to spare for offshore accounts.
A house in the country – room for a stud.

Breeding high quality ponies for children.
Who shun broken down bikes and upcycled skateboards.
Whilst top of the range air fills their privileged lungs.

Inhaling – exhaling – living the business of life effortlessly.