• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 12
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The Lock to the Key

If this key could tell a story
Would it be of joy or awry
I wonder how it gained its rust
Neglected by those it gave trust
To keep it safe and us secure
What stopped its use,  dulled its allure

Hanging now, out there  in limbo  
I peer at it , arms akimbo
The window's glaze does not detract
From this neglected stand out act
Rusted crust now copper toned
Outside, abandoned and disowned

I want to turn the clock of time
Imagine this key was once divine
Shining, glowing, needed and used
Instead of neglected, abused
I have this urge to reunite
This key with lock, it does excite

Torn from its soul mate for so long
Parted from where  it should belong
I wonder if this  key still turns
Inside the lock for which it yearns
The words engraved might give a clue
But sadly they are too faded to


The Lock to the Key

Determined that this key once more
Will do what it was created for
A door, a car, a box, a secret
But where would it's owner keep it?
I look around but cannot find
A lock to which it is aligned