• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 01

The Lens

It opens up vistas new
Freshens up tired modes of seeing
The world seen earlier by others;
The light-beam forms into a twinkling star
It lands up on the lens lightly
And the eye registers the facts around!
The surrounding beauty/ugliness
Created in the mind by the powerful lens;
Familiar/ unfamiliar
Sights, sounds, smells and colours
Filter down in a constant stream;
Images sacred/profane depending
On the P-o-V of the beholder
Spring up in the tiny orb
That can fathom the mysteries
Of the universe;
An awakening inner can see
The Prime Mover in a falling atom;
All sentient knowledge has its origins
In the eye---inner/outer,
The eye---
The primary source
Of all the arts and aesthetics and science!