• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 03

The knight of the Rubik’s cube

To battle the brain, plus ultra.

Chivalry is to mystery as brute force
is to puzzle solving. Upon my honour,
if I could turn this spectacle of spectrum
into a gradient of valour, better still
a rainbow of victories, would this make
me the more decided suitor your mythos

Cube your indifference.

Girls don’t make passes at knights
wearing glasses the hokum code has it,
but there are other barbarisms we should
dismember first, not least the one that
sounds like self-pity and manifests as

Chequered is the hunt.

Every joust is at root just children saying
‘Notice me!’, not realising that love is to
be re-arranged on the most fundamental
level, by a lance, a glance, a touch. So:
put me back together?