• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 12
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The Joy of Vulnerability

Joy liked the feeling of vulnerability as she spread her towel on the sand. The tide was coming in and she found the perfect spot within feet of the frothy waves. She brushed the sand off carefully as she looked around, not a person in sight. Miles of ocean tide and sandy beach all her own.

She plopped onto the middle of her towel and spread her arms and legs wide like a sea star. She loved the breeze tickling at her skin. She could just reach the sand with the tips of her fingers. She dug them in delightedly and wiggled her feet as she listened to the waves ebb and rise.

The sun caused her to crinkle her eyes in a happy squint and she let out a short squeal. This was the life. This was where she felt free to think. This was where all her decisions were made. Sometimes she would doze, feeling so trusting of nature to care for her. Thoughts would pop in and out, fleeting like the waves which would soon be splashing against her outstretched toes.