• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 09
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The Interest of Society

Let me size you up––
I have the tools
To give you what I
Expect you to have

You must be a 4
Nothing more, nothing less
If not, we have to pass
You by––
There's no need in discussing
What works for you
When all that matters is
What works for us.

Here, let me tame
The wild beast in you,
Carve out the lioness
Residing in your heart,
You won't need it anymore.
We will revamp your spirit,
Give you a persona
You're not accustomed to
And when your body rejects
Who you've become,
We'll claim no fault.

This is our offer...
Take it or leave it.
The interest of society is
The "Forward Future"
And what we say goes.

What we say, goes.