• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 03
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(for Steve Kleptar and Mike Dockins)

How long before a dream gets old?
An infant’s scent, the latest trend?
When is the year no longer new?
Oh, months and months before its end.
- Robert Wexelblatt, "Newness"

Youth with limbs akimbo, reincarnation
of Li Bo. A trio of sun-brellas stand
as guardians, offer no interference

as he re-begins. This time, we see him
at his dawn, too young yet to be drunk;
today he's diving into the reflection

of the sun. The lake's embrace entices
and awaits him. Li Po dreams his dream
anew; he knows that some dreams do come

true if you don't rub them out of your
eyes. This life, he's starting early.