• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 07

the hunters

It was by chance I stumbled into this valley protected as it was
by thorny bushes poisonous snakes and scorpions a sting from them
and you had five minutes to scan the sky looking for an answer
Intrepid is my name and my dog's name is fearless.
Tired and battle scared we came down to the well and drank till
we needed water no more.
We met a 60 year-old camel a survivor of a circus I put my dog
between the camel's humps to scan the landscape.
I swam in the pond among amorous crocodiles till the dog barked
and morally reminded me I was a human.
How happy we were back then thought we had found blessedness
until a shot was fired and the came collapsed blood coming out of
its nostril running into the lake and forever it was polluted
This the last explored place for hunters had been breach by a tractor
the Portuguese hunters hated us, I picked up the dog and us
found our way back to the main roads finding another valley was
Not easy but we had to try… perhaps Spain it is not like Portugal
with inbred people who love killing things.
But my dog was not well I carried it home gave it water and it did
not want to eat, in the morning it was dead in my arms I think
looking for bliss became too much for her tender heart.