• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 07

The Human Race

Some say we all came from the sea
Where creatures, indubitably,
Cavorted together,
Odd birds of a feather,
In depths that would stun you and me.

Some say, yes, and it is believed
They could race with incredible speed.
Those with bodies like snakes
Won ev-er-y race
While the footed ones could not succeed.

But with feet and a ten-pack of toes
Came a brain that eventually rose
To the challenge of racing,
With clever thoughts pacing,
riding bare back became their next pose.

So… this creature with awkward two feet
Charmed a snake and then took a seat
Upon its curved back
Then gave it a smack
And hung on until he could leap

Across the afore chosen line
That would a new champion assign.
He there claimed his laurel,
Some sea-salted floral,
That thrived in this pre-ancient brine.


The Human Race

Some say we all came from the sea,
And, quite honestly, if you ask me,
If that thought is true
It was quite a brew
That in due time spat out you and me.