• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 12
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The Hagfish and the Blue Shark

   along while
      imagining new
         carcasses of old
             ocean creatures.
                It needs to break
                   its long fast, like
                      a leech starved of
                        blood for months.
                            Behold the hag-
                               fish in all of its
                                 horrible beauty!
                                It is blind to the
                               undersea world
                             within which it
                            barely survives
                         with fittest fish.
                      When it happens
                    upon a motion-
                   less blue shark,
                it digs in fast to
             obliterate its fast.
           Behold a carcass
          coming alive and
          attacking the hag-
            fish! The bold hag
               is no scavenger –
                 it is prey. The hag


The Hagfish and the Blue Shark

                    reacts by exuding
                      a milky slime into
                       the shark’s gaping
                        mouth before tying
                        itself up in an over-
                        hand knot. The hag
                       drops to safety while
                        the blue shark gags
                          and turns its tail.
                           The knot unties
                             in a silt cloud.