• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 11
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The Growing Portal

As the whirling portal continued to grow, my world began to fade away. Not into solid black or white but rather a kaleidoscope of colours. Blues, reds, yellows, greens and various other shades. As the colours dyed their surroundings, everything else slowly disappeared. Objects lost depth, walls had no definition and the sole door disappeared. The colours hungrily absorbed everything in their path. All simply became part of the expanding rainbow tapestry.

The portal didn’t seem to care what I wanted and relentlessly sent out its tendrils into my plain of existence. Eventually the only thing left was me and the jar of insects I was still unwittingly clutching. I’d been studying them in my laboratory, I remembered. They were all that remained of that environment now. Why this was happening? When had the tear in reality first appeared? I couldn’t say. Thoughts were becoming foggy. All I knew for sure was that this was happening and it was real.

The portal was huge now and seemed to be pulling me ever closer. I placed the jar down on what may or may not have been a floor. As soon as I let go however, the jar too became just another part of the blur. I remained whole, so whatever this was, it seemed to desire me intact. There was no escape. I couldn’t seem to tear myself away. I could only float ever closer towards the now gapping, compelling abyss. Willingly or not, I was entering this vacuum one way or another.

I relented and consciously drifted towards the portal, the only thing real here besides myself. There was no point in resisting the inevitable. The colours swirled and merged around me in beautiful dance. I didn’t understand? Maybe I wasn’t supposed to. Strangely though, I wasn’t afraid, despite the seemingly ominous nature of the portal.


The Growing Portal

Instinctively, I knew there was something on the other side, waiting for me. My mind was set and I quickened my pace, the mysterious opening getting ever closer.

What did it mean? Where did it lead? Why me? There was only one way to find out…