• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 10

The Great Art

Gourav 1: What is it?
Gourav 2: Is it art?
Gourav 1: Art? How? What is artistic in it? Doesn’t it look like an absurd picture?
Gourav 2: Wait! See! Doesn’t it look like a group of symbols drawn on the road?
Gourav 1: Isn’t it great?
Gourav 2: Why? Is it because we don’t understand it?
Gourav 1: No! But I believe it to be so! Isn’t it enough?
Gourav 2: Is it enough? Has it been enough?
Gourav 1: Say it’s great! Even if it’s not! Say you believe it’s great.
Gourav 2: I believe it to be great.
Gourav 1: So do I.
Gourav 2: So what do we do now that it’s great?
Gourav 1: ????