• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 01
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The Gospel of a Gun

outside leaning against our mate's car
my back was pressed against your front
your hands were locked deep in my front pockets
a cigarette butt had been flung to the ground
and I could have sworn I saw shooting stars that night
does God know when horror is on its way?

the car breaks hard
and the driver rushes out
it was like seeing all your nightmares come to life
lifting up his garments he pulls out a gun
how life can ricochet some kind of fear into your lungs
you took your hands out and moved me to the side

he was shouting obscenities
all three of you moved to him
he barged his way through
into the ark of the club
no one likes alcohol stained steps
a bullet is going to tear apart their gospel soon

you spun me round and told me to get in the car
all four of us sat nodding to a Hip Hop prayer from your radio
it started to rain and I needed a drink
from the driver's seat you gazed over to check that I was okay
my eyes told you all that you knew already
you looked away and lit a cigarette


The Gospel of a Gun

the raindrops were making puzzles on the car window
and the three of you were deep in a Biggie Smalls recital
one never realises the largeness of a gun
how its home is a bullet that will kill a thousand skins
I could have sworn I saw shooting stars that night
it must have been here I somehow started to believe in God.