• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 02
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the girl that could move mountains

sister you were born
a shade darker than my own,
two shades darker, three.

it never mattered watching our hands,
intertwined through the atlantic,
grow stronger.

i held your hand
like an older brother does, steady,
at times not at all, at times,
i was selfish.

but i notice now, we hold our hands
together. and when i have fallen,
you have caught the weight of my world
in your hands.

you hold a picture of a man, broken,
surrendered. and still
you hold that picture steady, with strength

impeccable. i become outraged, confused
i ask you why
i'm done, finished, i am no one, nothing,

i beg you why you say why what.
i thank you you say it's my duty.
i keep silent now.


the girl that could move mountains

I've Always Known You Could Move Mountains
But I Never Once Dared Think
One Mountain Could Be Me.