• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 12
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the gift

if what we send is too heavy,
too light, too much, not enough
not to stop, the opposite, to exist

in this moment, that one?
to stand in a gift shop and talk
if time is a gift, does it hurt to continue

if treatment hurts? it does
is it worse to want to stop (please
don’t stop) to listen, respect what you want

and if (and when)
it is out of your hands
if the tumour no longer responds

to stop treatment
(they might any time)
you can still exist in this moment

you are strong
you do not oppose it
flowing you away from everyone

the jury is out
the gates are still open
God only knows if the stamp is a good one

if what I have sent is too heavy
too light, not enough, to bear my prayer