• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 06
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The Frozen Walk

Football: where neither the ball is spherical
Nor is it kicked with a foot as often as it sounds.

I would not know, because in the glimpses I got
From the Youtubed (24x7) Late Night show references,

There were terms packed in pom-poms (?!), inert
Words, internet-shipped, gloriously spilling mid-air,

Weather ricocheting like a deferred delivery
As if we all wore the sweaters too soon, in the

American summer scorching across both the
Hemispheres, with ads like 1789 war-songs (on sale).

It’s 20th of March, 3:20 PM, I am 3 going on 20,
There is no way to finish this frozen walk.

Superbowl: was it Beyonce who won it?
NFL: is it close to IPL or EPL or LOL?

Pitch: was it a patch of grass with new ideas?
Home-run: is it where one runs home in words?

It is long since I was caught, mid-tiptoe to sheepskin,
I have changed tracks now. I’d rather stay iridescent