• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 03
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The Fog

Like fire in the wind
It spread fast
Like a mist in the cold
It covered everything it touched

It was cool and yet suffocating
It was there and yet it wasn't.
It was before my eyes
Or was it just in my head?

Like a chameleon, it changed colours
At times grey and then was white
But right now all I could see was Blue.

The Blue clogged my throat
Tears pricked the back of my eyes
It became hard to breathe
Was I going to die?

Light couldn't penetrate it.
Air couldn't sneak in.
Keeping my eyes open was becoming a task.

And then it came to me
Like Thor's hammer;
That sword of Light –
A laser – that could slash the fog

With swift movements of my wrist
I slayed the blue
Till all that was left was bits and pieces
On the ground


The Fog

Emerald blue sprinkled across the sea
Like stars in the sky
The blue shimmered in the dark

I made my way out
Out of the fog
Out of the asphyxia
That was threatening my existence

Light warmed my face
Oxygen filled my lungs
I finally opened my eyes
To find out that it was just a dream!