• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 02
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The First Four Sightings


Not until the ambulance had long since left
and the caution tape removed
did we learn what Pan Marek had seen

One final phone call to Pan Marek's wife
from the top step of the cellar
it's Tomek. He's here to see you
it's Robert. He's here to see me.
topped off by the clatter of jam jars on the cellar steps

She told us over coffee
She was leaving town for a while
She couldn't bear to talk
to her husband through a medical gauze


Justyna waited until her daughter fell asleep
before calling the taxi
She was outside her family home
Her zebra-print purse was found
in the neighbour's garden, safe and sound
Nobody believed her
until much, much later
Only when she was released.
We heard the doctor's comments
Read the doctor's report.
The taxi driver was exonerated, of course.


The First Four Sightings


The first picture showed the north side of ul. Narutowicza
You can see the group of high schoolers gathered at the tram stop
You can see the kiosk, the railings, the blinking light
of Sokowski's florist

The second picture showed the same angle
The melee has broken out, arms are up
Are they fighting with each other?
The kiosk light is off. The blinking light of
Sokowski's florist is off.

In the third picture, one of the high schoolers
is standing in the road, appealing
Sokowski's blinking light is on
Shadowed by the awning, you can see, well, something

The fourth picture is clearest, if you can say that.
One high schooler pinned on the railing, backbroken.
Another sprawling, a pavement angel
Another darting into the path
of oncoming headlights.
At the tram stop, you can see a figure
distorted by motion blur. A figure bodied black
and red.

We heard that Andrzej, with his eager eye and Canon 200D
was quarantined too
now he dreams in red and black
We heard
the high schoolers were shipped out of Łódź


The First Four Sightings


This footage unhesitatingly depicts the presence
of an unknown entity in the vicinity of Widzew stadium
on the night of August 26th.
You can see the timestamp – 1.22 a.m.
Pause the tape
you can see the series of small walls
dividing the turnstile entrances
It is evident that no persons are at this time at, or near,
the entrance marked 3A
Go forward two frames
beneath the external light beside turnstile 3A
A shape emerges
Go forward, see?
It's notably larger than the previous frame
As we roll the footage, pay close attention
now it's the size of a small wild boar
now the size of a female deer
here, you can see, a kind of feathered head
and an appendage, perhaps a tail.
Yes, that's right
The power goes out
and yes, it continues like that until
the power was restored at 3.22
We believe the events depicted here
directly correlate with those in the disappearance of Jarek Kaminski
and those of the 23rd and 25th