• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 01

The Final Verdict

I am embraced by the warmth of your love
I feel like I am holding you
I can almost touch you
The layers of separation
The great divide between us
Seems almost ... conquered

What belonged to you
I hold dear now
What made you special
I preserve it still
In perpetuity
For all eternity

You, my dear have not passed
You still survive
And every day
I get to strangle a little bit more of you
Making you lifeless once wasn’t enough
Dead people are not dead
If those that live still whisper to them

All your stuff is mine
I made sure I have it all
No wonder, now I relive the act
And feel like God
What could be more extraordinary?
What could be more incredible?
I have given you lifetimes
After death
And I have pronounced you guilty
In all of them