• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 09

The Final Recipe

Ingredients: anything that hasn’t
already been destroyed

Or uproot a clutch of skyscrapers
and dump them into the bowl 
of the Amazon forest, ripping
away the trees with a sprinkling 
of wildfires you’ve home grown

Add in a head of highland cattle
with its disgruntled face,
don’t get taken in by its cute fringe
or look it in the eye, it’ll complain
about the heat wave or something 

Just pretend it’s all fake news,
turn up the air-conditioner
while draining the water of a lake
(whichever one, it doesn’t matter,
the result will be the same)

Now toss them together, season
with a dash of plastic, a glossy shot
for your social media display pic

Voila! You can’t go wrong when you’re
doing everything right to disappear