• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 11

The Final Farewell

The way the sky transformed into a masterpiece of colours and the sun kissed the horizon goodbye had always captivated her.

She had borne witness to countless sunsets, but this one was different.

This one was the final farewell.

For months, scientists had warned that a colossal asteroid was hurtling towards Earth, and the impact would obliterate all life on the planet, leaving behind a desolate wasteland that would rival Mars.

Desperately, she sought to savour her remaining days, pouring her heart out to family and friends, and fulfilling most items on her bucket list, from skydiving to swimming with dolphins.

But there was one more thing she longed to do.

She wanted to enjoy one last sunset.

At the beach where she had spent many blissful summers as a child, she wandered along the sand until she stumbled upon a spot where she could behold the ocean and the sky.

Sitting on the bare sand, she gazed wistfully as the sun gradually descended, splashing the clouds with hues of pink, purple and orange. A breeze caressed her face, and the waves whispered to the shore. She smelled the salt in the air and tasted the sweetness of being alive.


The Final Farewell

Smiling, she closed her eyes and embraced a tranquillity that she had never experienced before. She knew that she was not alone as millions of people around the world were watching the same sunset, united, sharing the same moment.

Softening her gaze, she discovered that the sun was almost gone. She absorbed as many details of the scene as she could to etch the picture deep within her soul. She wanted to preserve it forever even though she knew they would both soon be gone.

Surging with emotion, she felt gratitude for all the beauty she had seen in her life and sorrow for all the things she would never see again. She felt love for all the people who had touched her heart and regret for all the things she had left unsaid.

She wiped away the warm tear that escaped down her cheek as the sky grew darker. The stars signalled to the earth, and the moon rose to her lofty throne.

It was time.

Wrapping her arms around herself, she made her bed in the sand and closed her eyes.

She whispered a prayer and waited for the end.

She never saw the flash of light that illuminated the sky, never heard the roar of sound that shattered the earth.


The Final Farewell

She never felt the blast of heat that scorched everything to ashes.

She only felt a gentle warmth as if someone was holding her hand, only heard a soft voice as if someone was saying goodbye, only saw a bright light as if someone was showing her the way.

Smiling, she let go.

She had always been mesmerized by sunsets.

But this one was different.

This one was the final farewell.