• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 06
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The Fallen Embrace

I am falling, flying without wings,
One moment calm in the wind’s howling cradle,
The next shattered by the angel’s radiance
Bursting beneath me. As alabaster skin and pearl eyes gleam
Cold with Heaven’s memory, the world fades.

“Kill me,” she pleads; her words unheard burn deep,
Raising blood in this desiccated womb: my mind;
My scream, my “Save me!” ripped away by the wind
That whispers from my past. Her perfect hand
Touches my cheek. I push it away.
She comes closer. I strike,
I bite, I hold, I kiss
This immaculate surface.

We are falling, tumbling through the sky,
A golden comet shedding clothes, skin, and tears;
An angel-monkey vibrating with fear, moaning,
God, we are falling—we are coming for you.
Even as the wind whispers and gathers into voices,
Even as the orgasm breaches and dispels the I,
Butterflies dance on purple and golden wings
Above a sea grass green rushing forward
To embrace me.