• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 06
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The Fallen Deer

I have been this way for a long time now.
Hundreds and hundreds of years in fact.
It doesn't seem strange to me anymore. I bet it seems strange to you.
Well maybe if I tell you my story you may understand.
Long, long ago I was the king of the forest.
I was a big, tall, proud stag and everyone knew who I was and respected me.
I commanded everything from the mighty owl to the lowly mouse.
There wasn't anything else like me.
I wanted to be a fantastic king, better than any other, so my ancestors would look down on me with pride.
Unfortunately my behaviour was unbecoming.
I came across a little field mouse one day
Being a long way from her home and family she was naturally feeling scared.
"Oh please noble and powerful king," she squeaked, "please, please help me get home."
"How dare you bother me little mouse," I bellowed. "I am much to busy looking after the forest to help you."
With a crack of thunder and a flash of lightening the little mouse was transformed into a terrifying wizard.
"You maybe king in name, but you are certainly not in heart. Until you learn to treat everything the same you shall forever remain a skeleton deer."
With that he disappeared never to be seen again.
I don't get much of a chance nowadays to prove I have changed.
All the other animals fear me still but now for my hideous appearance.
I have learnt to late that all god's creatures need understanding and compassion.
Don't let it be too late for you.