• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 07


They are the fallen angels
That outlived Noah’s calamities,
Wrapped beneath hooded chimney waters
The worldly beings of the under world

Flipping the tidal waves
Breaking free like a placenta,
From the energies of the underworld
Sprang forth a Greek Olympic athlete
With a color paler than the stars,
Rocketing sky borne
His loin cloth swaying like comet,

Mounting a sea horse flying past soaring temperatures
Smooth like Jacob’s celestial ladder,
Ascending to the galaxies
For the highly premium milky star
To the one dearer than his life

She stood in fixation the bride of the banquet,
With an unmistakable lofty stare
In a red frock expressing the mood
Tilting over with curled jelly legs
Blowing a wish and a kissed
For both ends to meet at dusk
At the bachelor’s eve of the year

Her bridesmaid at the sea side
Gathering coral seaweeds for bouquet trimmings
The waddling of their splashing tails
Like harpers’ flute breaking the silence.