• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 01

The Fall Guy Flies

typical really that
this airship rally
holds no proof
that we can fly.
Tickets are sold,
paper exchanges
for skies as if
they are candy
dripped in sugar
and colour so sickly,
where children can
launch into space.

Watch this space;
the helium and
oxygen, hot air
from salesman
spring together
like a rocket bomb
flying tall with a tail
that sparks in the
dark like the guy.
We are all the
guy, and
we will burst...

we’ll take to the air like ducks to water.
Magnificent men in their weapons of destruction;
over-population forces erratic solutions and


The Fall Guy Flies

if only we had listened when someone,
who was it?
Ranted about impending doom and that
gloom was all too much for some to bear.

We are the Guy; we fly alone.