• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 10
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The escape of Peppa Pig

Too long in the box, fooled by a false blue.
Blue, the colour of born free; a white man's eyes
and a prom dress velvet.

The blue of picture books and artist's bristles.
The moon's privileged view, not for those waiting
for a tear in the rain-washed city smoke

Blue that haunts the dreams of the sleeping sardines
on the fishmonger's slab. The colour remembered by
a plastic bag. There is no drop in the ocean not fed with

Blue swallowed too much sun and gave the ocean the
green of algae and belly-up fish.

Message to Peppa Pig: porcine life is a quick shower in
a concrete yard, hosepipe water is not blue.

Get back in your safe plastic box.
A swim in the blue can stay on a flying sow's bucket list.